Our Philosophy

We don't really sell horses here, we have horses shopping for owners :).

I firmly believe that every rider should adore their horse. When they put their foot in the saddle, it should lift their heart. When I ventured into selling horses, my goal was to match riders with horses, the kind of match that means the new owner would love riding their horse as much as I love my horses. I had a hunch that this twist on selling horses would stand out against the common horse traders and importers of today's dressage market. So far my hunch is paying off.

I am very clear with my marketing philosophy, which means the owners that ask us to represent their horses want the same thing. They want their horses to find homes that cherish them, and are willing to accept that, on occasion, I will pass up a sale if I don't think the horse is right for the rider.

By holding to my ideals, I have a history of happy owners.